So I was interning here here, and now I'm gonna be interning here, but in the meantime I've been working for these cats here.

It's data entry, what I'm doing. Scraping info from websites and sticking it into spreadsheets. What I've been doing is drinking one of those energy drinks that look like tallboys and just slamming through it. You get enough taurine in your system, and anything is fun. So far I've tried:

Red Bull (3 hours of high, thoughts of moving to Ireland)

Nos (2 hours of high, thoughts of hurting myself and also convinced my apartment may be haunted)

Vitamin Water Energy Drink (4 hours of high, thoughts of turning into a being of pure spreadsheet, like an angel only with definable fields)

Rock Star (1.5 hours of high, thoughts of past relationships and how I've failed -- not very Rock Star at all)

Coolah (2 hours of high, thoughts of a wicked awesome World of Warcraft-type game, except it's World War Z and you just hunt down zombies all day)

Hyphy Juice (no high, thoughts of reading more websites about Top Chef)

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